Positioned amidst the vast Pacific, Hawaii is a verdant oasis encircled by mighty ocean expanses. Situated at the crossroads of Polynesia, miles from any major continental landmass, Hawaii serves as a peaceful bridge between the world's dynamic metropolises and its serene island paradises.

An Isle of Ageless Serenity

Quick Facts


Covering 10,931 square miles, Hawaii ranks as the eighth smallest state in terms of land area.


With an estimated population of 1,440,196 as of 2022, Hawaii might be the 11th least populous state, but it holds the 13th position in terms of population density


Hawaii is a major tourist mecca, with activities such as hiking, biking, kayaking, sailing, swimming, or just sitting on the beach. Hawaii's pristine beaches, diverse and unique birds, and cultural practices attract visitors from all over the world.


The islands are alive with a distinct culture, drawing influences from Polynesian ancestry, Asian and European migrations, and American customs. Central to this is the spirit of aloha, a philosophy emphasizing peace, kindness, and compassion, resonating through chants, music, hula, and various arts.


Both the skies and the seas offer pathways to Hawaii. Multiple airports, including the notable Honolulu International Airport, facilitate aerial journeys, while the state also stands as a favored stop for cruises.

aerial view of Hawaii
aerial view of Hawaii
a Hawaiian beach with people
a Hawaiian beach with people